Monday, November 29, 2010

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Supporting The Walk

Back to Wilshire

Every year for the past five years, my husband Mike does a walk in Los Angeles. He intended to walk the length of Wilshire Blvd. back in 2006 to commemorate living his ten years of living here. As a lark, he posted it on the blog asking people to join him if they wanted. To our surprise, people expressed interest and there were about fifty to sixty who joined in.

Five years ago, I had an 11-month-old who had just started to walk himself so I stayed back. I knew it would be hard to keep up with everyone and Mike couldn't help me since he was leading the group. We later joined everyone at Border Grill and had a fun time meeting the walkers.

Ever since then, this has always been my perspective during the walk:
my view

As supporter, I'm usually in the "pace car" with a child or two in tow. Here's my recollection of other walks from past years:

Pico, 2007: We dropped Mike off at the Coca Cola Bottling Plant on Pico and Central that morning. Turns out, I needed to have an emergency Doctor's appointment so off the the doctor Evan and I went after the drop off. I later picked up Mike at the restaurant and talked to a few of the walkers hanging out.

Santa Monica Blvd., 2008: The meeting place was at Union Square and our cool friend Eric Lynxwiler sent everyone off. I had an almost-three year old in tow and walked with everyone in the beginning. I tried to keep up and reached the edges of Silver Lake up to Vermont where Evan and I took the Metro back to Union Station and picked up the car. We followed along in the car a bit and later picked up Mike and our friend Andrea in Santa Monica. We all ended up having dinner in Atwater Village with excited talks about next year.

Adams/Washington Blvd. 2009: My youngest Nathan was just born so I was truly the pace car with the little one on this walk. Evan wanted to join in and was mostly pushed in the stroller by Mike. After lunch, Evan joined me and Nathan as we slowly made our way west. Not without drama, our car stalled on Washington and Triple A did a quick rescue.

Back to Wilshire, 2010: This year was tough because it was also Evan's last soccer game and end-of-league after party. So off to Pershing Square we went to send Mike off. The rain kept a lot of people from walking but there was a healthy 100+ crowd gathered not letting a little rain get in the way. We drove alongside a bit leaving around lunch time to get to Evan's soccer party (the rain canceled out the game). We later met up with Mike at the Border Grill for dinner.

Maybe if we're still doing this five years from now I can truly join in on the walk.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Winner


Thanks to everyone for entering the giveaway! Our winner (picked by our youngest son Nathan) is Loren Kantor who e-mailed this:

Here is our Thanksgiving Meal List

Roasted Turkey w/Shallot/Brandy Injection
Tofu/Celery/Carrot Mush in shape of a mini turkey for our 21 year old
vegan cousin (disgusting!)
Green Beans w/garlic & mushrooms
Mashed Potatoes & Garlic Butter
Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Cream
Bread Stuffing w/chestnuts & crushed mint leaves
Cheese & Herb Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms
+ a multitude of pies (apple, sweet potato, banana cream, pumpkin)

& 1 Newly Charged Defibrillator (just in case)

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Loren Kantor

I think I'd want to see a picture of the Tofu/Celery/Carrot Mush.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Giveaway

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that the first time I set foot at the Pasadena Museum of California Art was late last year, to see the Wayne Thiebaud exhibit. That first visit impressed me.

PMCA features smartly curated rotating exhibits focusing on California artists. Currently, the museum just opened their new exhibits. This post features a giveaway for two tickets to the museum, plus a couple of letterpressed cards sold only at PMCA's store.
pmca cards

To enter, send an e-mail ( and tell me what you'll be making for Thanksgiving this year. The winner will be picked at random on Friday morning, November 19th.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Free Thursdays at the Skirball Center

Veterans Day found me with a Kindergartener with nothing to do so together with a friend and her son, we headed over to the Skirball Cultural Center for their free Thursday program.

The Skirball is one of my favorite museums in Los Angeles. The art galleries are finely curated, there are lots of picnic area, the gardens are beautifully landscaped and the museum itself is very kid-friendly but in a sophisticated kind of way.

Enter their Noah's Ark installation. A visual feast to the eyes and imagination, it is an interactive display that allows everyone to touch and explore.

I'm always renewed every time I visit the Skirball. Hope you can visit it soon.

Stay tuned next week for a giveaway featuring another favorite museum of mine in Los Angeles.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Little Book Of Letterpress

At the end of 2008, I collaborated on designing and printing a set of calendars for 2009 with my friend Christine Castro. Christine was someone whom I admired and respected in the blog world but was just getting to know.

We exchanged a few e-mails and finally met over lunch. I found a lot of things in common with her (we lived in the same city, were fellow Filipinas, were both graphic designers and so on) and we hit it off. When it came time to do an end-of-year client promotion, we quickly agreed to join forces. (And toward the end of printing the calendars, we each discovered we were pregnant.)

The result was this calendar, which featured the four seasons of the year. And about eight months later, we each had a baby boy born 10 days apart.

In late-2009, I was contacted by Charlotte Rivers to submit a letterpress sample for consideration in a book she was compiling. I submitted the calendars, thinking nothing of it, but she thought they would be a good addition to the book.

Not wanting to jinx it, I mentioned the possibility to just two people: my husband Mike and Christine. (In my experience, things get pulled from production all the time, so I really didn't want to tell anyone until I saw the printed page.) Even though Charlotte sent an e-mail informing me that the book had been printed and released in the UK, I wanted to see it for myself.

Little Book of Letterpress
Here it is: Chronicle Books published the US version and released it in August. Check it out, we're on page 172.

Big thanks to Christine Castro for collaborating with me and illustrating each of the four seasons!